Who is Filthy nasty?
Filthy Nasty is me, Darren Millar. One man with big dreams.

A few words about the origin and the story of the brand?
Filthy Nasty was born in early 2010. I was bored with current fashions and wanted a bespoke solution to my everyday t-shirt wearing obsession! It's just me, myself and I who run the store and create the designs/slogans however over the years it has become so much more than that, with support from some big names from DJs and music industry.

What's the concept, the setting of the brand?
Unique festival style clothing and merchandise for DJs and the EDM kid inside all of us...

Where do you get your inspirations from?
My mind is my crazy best friend. I often come up with slogans and designs from personal experiences. It is safe to say some of them never see print :)

Where and how do you manufacture your collections?All production is dealt with in Sheffield, UK using DTG (Direct to Garment) printing.

Who are your customers?You, your kids, your parents, your grand parents... Anybody! Over the past 4 years i have sent items to all continents and over 70 countries!

Who would you like to see wearing your designs (and who already wears them) ?
Everyone! There is nobody i would stop from wearing my designs. Some big name DJs over the years have been spotted in my t-shirts amongst them "Laidback Luke" who is a great supporter of the brand!

When you're not working for the brand, what do you do?
Before 2013 I was a DJ in Scotland for 11 years. I now live in France and write articles about tehnology for online magazines..

Apart from working for Filthy nasty, what would be the ideal job?
Cake taster.