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We want you inside of us!

Metaphorically speaking of course, and by "inside" we mean in our tees!! We need you to represent us at your gigs and in your day to day lives. Like us you'll live and breathe the music, you thrive on attention and love to be seen, You have a hunger for the screaming crowds and thousands of arms in the air! Air horns turn you on and the feeling of euphoria you get during your favourite breakdown will leave you grinning from ear to ear for hours on end.

We want to give you something special that'll make you stand out, be unique and look damn sexy at the same time. We want to share a new brand that screams sex, filth, grime, blood, sweat and bass bins!!

We're looking for high profile enthusiastic DJs to represent everything that we all stand for, the down right Filthy Nasty music... We give you t-shirts you represent us, simples!!

If you want to be part of the magic, we really do want to hear from you!

Email: rep@filthynasty.org tweet us @filthynastyco or fill out the form bellow!

Tell us who you are... What you like to do... Your favourite colour... and anything else you think we might want to know!

You must include:
Postal Address
T-Shirt Size
Venues Played
Residencies (If Any)

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